Do you have a passion for Boilermaking & Fabrication? Are you looking to work for a Family owned local business? Do you want to learn from the best & be the best? 

We have a saying 'If you pay peanuts, you get Monkeys' At Custom Steel Fab we pay you what you're worth, not what we 'should'. Our team does a phenomenal job & gets paid above 'normal' wages. This is because we know we wouldn't be anything without our amazing team! So if you want to work in a workplace where you're rewarded for your hard work, appreciated and ready to learn and grow, we are the company for you! 

We have a large team of Boilermakers, Riggers, Trade Assistants & Office staff & are always interested in hearing from you & how you can benefit our team.

Workshop Fabricator/Boilermaker 

2 Traders Way, Mount Isa QLD 4825

07 4743 0330


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