Tank Refurb, Glencore Mine

Its a massive red flag for project managers when your contractors ask to complete a project on hourly rates. To us, this means 2 things. 

#1 They don’t have trust in their team to complete the project safely and under budget

#2 Happy to milk the system on rates per hr

#3 They don’t have trust in planning and completing the job on time as promised with the resources they have.

We completed the tank refurb with a Fixed price as we worked

closely with our client to ensure the refurb was completed safe and a high

quality finish to ensure the structural intensity of the tank and NO LEAKS! We fabricated a frame to suit pallet jacking and we moved our sheets around the tank & used air winches to lift the plates into position, we also cut a 3m X 3m hole into the tank to bring scaffolding and plates in easily. To line the walls and the floor we fully welded each plate with the help of

generator/welders and suit case wire feeders. After completing the inside of the tank we applied compensating plates and a large flange to suit the

prefabricated lid to seal the 3mX3m hole in the wall. The project took us 4

Months, and the CSF team had zero injuries and met our clients needs. It was a project we will never forget. Thanks to Palani (our client) He made this project a great joy, with forward thinking and understanding the construction process. Thanks to the Custom Steel Fab family and Glencore.