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We are an Australian owned & operated company, Operating since 2014. Our main workshop located in Mount Isa QLD with services extending throughout QLD & Northern Territory. We pride ourselves on offering the best service and quality work. Our core values are

- We dare to be different 

- We are passionately always continuing to move forward, stay innovative and improve

- We lead the way in the Industry

- We wouldn't mean excellence,  without team work!

Did you know ... 

Custom Steel Fab was  originally called START  Construction & Hire? In August 2018 Travis McElligott  (Owner/Director) changed the name to Custom Steel Fab. "If you have to explain your company name for what industry you are in, you have already lost" Travis McElligott said. "Myself and the team are very excited about our new look and name change" But it doesn't stop there, we have created our new mission statement, we are controlling our clients experience from start to finish and we are now taking on the industry to deliever steel excellence